What’s next…

S had her interview for the Phd programyesterday.  I tend to be a little snotty about academics so it is difficult for me not to refer to a Phd program in Eductionas a Phd pogrom.  Then again, maybe I just like the play on words.  Or it could be that I have grown dyspeptic over the state of public education.  This, of course, does not apply to S because she is a brilliant teacher.  Anyway, the interview went pretty well, as it should have since we were up until 2 am practicing the interview questions.  By the time she walked into that interview, she was an interview machine.  Machine in a good way, of course.

Now we wait.  The school should send out acceptances by the end of April.  I firmly believe that should have admitted her after question number 3 in the interview.  Although I do have a wee bit of a bias when it comes to S.  She is a little nervous about her chances for acceptance which I find absurd.  Sure, I always have a case of over confidence when it comes to backing S, but she has given me thousands of reasons for that level of confidence.  Again, the woman is brilliant.  Anything she wants should be an automatic done deal.  I wish I could somehow transfer some of my confidence in her, to her.

We seem to be waiting on a lot of things as of late.  Waiting for the Phd acceptance letter (I refuse to allow the possibility of a rejection letter), waiting for one of S’s big teaching test scores, waiting for the snow to stop and spring to begin, waiting for spring break so that we can start the kitchen renovation, waiting for good fishing weather, waiting for the end of the school year so that we can go camping…  Lots and lots of waiting.

Another thing we are waiting for is kind of odd.  It seems like we are waiting to hang pictures and art on the walls.  We have now lived in the house for one year (as of March 17th) and we only recently hung four framed photos in the living room.  We’ve never waited more than a month to hang pictures and such in any of the apartments we lived in.  I think it is because hanging things on the walls made the apartments feel like homeand this house has felt like home since the first time we walked through it with our realtor.  We didn’t need to hang up anything to make it homey.  And yet, we haven’t personalized it much beyond painting the walls.

I was hesitant to hammer nails into the walls right after we moved in.  I found that after having been the one to skim coat the walls, getting coated in plaster sand and then painting the walls, I didn’t so much want to allow one single blemish.  Parents should require this of teenagersso as to reduce the amount of posters going up on bedroom walls, not to mention the horror of dart boards

But now I want our pictures on the walls.  I want to walk from room to room and see our past all around me.  We have a whole wall’s worth of old family black and white photos that now have matching frames.  They need to be on the walls in the dining room.  I have two beautiful water colors done by my 90 year old grandmother that deserve to be on walls.  I even want to put up our cheesy photo booth framed collection.  We used to make sure that every year we went to a mall and got our picture together making silly faces.  I loved that and I love looking at it still.  Not long ago I got a photo print of S and her dad fishing on Lake Erie.  It is a great photo and belongs on the wall in our upstairs hallway.  I don’t know what we are waiting for anymore.

For almost three years, since we purchased a digital camera, we have been loading up our computer with our photos.  We made a couple of photo montages with the photos to give as gifts, but we hadn’t saved anything else other than on the hard drive.  I suppose we were just waiting to save them.  But over the past few months I have been getting freaked out that our computer will crash one day and we will lose some priceless photos.  So I stopped waiting.  Last Friday, I spent most of the day saving all of the photos onto data disks.  I know they aren’t exactly fail-safe, but it is a start. 

And one last thing we are inexplicably waiting for…  Last fall we purchased a martial arts punching bag thing.  It’s not a bag so much as it is a padded stand that needs to be waited down by being filled with water.  We also purchased hand wraps and boxing gloves and at the time, we were eager to start beating the crap out of it.  When we brought it home I took it down to the basement and created a work-out area.  But I didn’t immediately fill it with water because there was no easy way to do so.  We both just figured we’d fill it up the following weekend.  Well, we didn’t.  It is still sitting down there, unfilled.  Sure, we talk about filling it up at least once every two weeks, but we never do it.  And sure, I could be filling it up right now instead of writing this post, but I am not.  We are just waiting.  I think there is a good chance that I am in a delusional waiting pattern, wherein I believe that if I wait long enough a water spigot will appear in the basement to allow me to fill the bag with ease.  I don’t know what S’s excuse is, except that she is far busier than I am and has zero time to do it.  She may be in a delusional waiting pattern if she believes that she is ever going to have the hours to spare to get to that project.