The perpetual football season…

It’s been a little disconcerting to see the Browns and the Bengals making free agency moves while the Steelers have done a whole lot of nothing and lost Alan Faneca to boot.  But the Steelers rarely make splashy moves in free agency and I know that, but still I worry.

 But not this morning.  I just read on Pro Football Talkthat the Steelers hosted two draft prospects yesterday.  And really, the Steelers continuing success in the draft is much more fulfilling than anyone available in free agency.  Potential is exciting. 

One of the players that they hosted is West Virginia defensive tackle Keilen Dykes.  He is a very good player and, you know, from West Virginia which makes it even better.  In case you are interested, here is his scouting profile.  Looks perfect for the 3-4 defense, which Coach Tomlin has not changed for fear of having garbage dumped on his front lawn and his children harassed in school.

Now I am even more excited about the upcoming NFL Draft, which is a mere 39 days, 2 hours and 40 minutes away.  It is my favorite holiday.


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  1. […] issue about Oregon QB, Dennis Dixon, and his hope to rehab his knee in time for the NFL draft.  Which, if you read this previous post, you know is my favorite holiday.  I love the NFL Draft.  But then I get a little further in the article and it says something […]

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