The house project of the day…

We have a large, blank wall in our kitchen.  It is banked in by two doorways which limits its depth to 10 inches.  We can’t put anything against (like shelves or a baker’s rack) it because it would block the entrance from the dining room into the kitchen.  We could hang some bit of art on it, I suppose, but we have another blank wall over the stove and part of the counter that screams for some sort of decoration.  I’m not one for having too much art/decoration in the kitchen because it makes it seem crowded.

So, I have devised another use for our blank wall.  Today we are going to construct a “message center” with cork board and chalkboard paint.  Then I am going to frame it out with white trim to match all of the other trim in the kitchen.  I think it’s going to end up being 2’X6′, but I am not quite sure yet.  I saw something similar too it years ago in Martha Stewart Living (pre-felon days).  I have a bit of an affinity for Ms. Stewart since she chose to serve out her prison term in my home state.

I’m excited about the chalkboard paint.  I’ve seen it used on all those HGTV shows and it looks like fun.  It also looks like it actually works, which I am hoping it does.  I don’t want to slather it on my walls and then find out that we can’t write on it or even that we can write on it but that it won’t erase.  A somewhat informed young worker at the Home Despot assured me that it does work because she used it in her daughter’s room.  I decided to trust her and hand over the $15 for a quart of the stuff. 

I was also fascinated by the selection.  There is the typical black chalkboard paint and then there is a tint-able version so you can design a chalkboard in your favorite color.  There was also “white board” paint for use with erasable markers.  I had no idea that even existed.  And get this, they have magnetized paint!  Once you apply it you can actually hang magnets from it.  If it too hadn’t been $15 I totally would have bought some just to see if it actually worked.  Although it does seem like one of those products that twenty years from now is going to cause cancer.

Let us be clear, I said “seems” like it would cause cancer, not that I “know” or “believe” that it “will” cause cancer.

In addition to the message center, I will also be hanging our new kitchen clock today.  When S’s dad was rewiring the house we came upon a plug in the wall above the kitchen cabinets.  It was used for the old clocks that had to be plugged in.  Since we don’t have one of those and don’t intend to find one, he cut the power to the outlet but he left the plug and wires dangling out.  At least I am 95% certain he cut the power to it.  I’m pretty sure he did because he ripped out all of the old wiring and that was certainly old wiring.  Anyway, S has been wanting one of those Felix the Cat clocks (also known as a Kit-Kat Clock) forever.  She likes that the eyes and tail move back and forth, I think.  I’m not a fan.  I am not fond of cats and even less fond of cat decorations.  But I get my way more often than not, so I bought her the clock and it arrived a couple of days ago.  So, I’m going to remove the wires and plug that are no longer needed and hang the new battery operated clock. 

Should be an exciting day.

Special shout-out to Retro, from which I purchased the Kit-Kat Clock.  I ordered it on Saturday and it was here by TuesdayFree shipping too, because I spent more than $78.00 on some retro tin signs for the laundry room.

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  1. […] I am still blighted by the whole guess-timate disease.  When I posted the other day about my building of a message center in the kitchen, I guess-timated that it would be 2′ by 6′.  That really did seem like a good guess, […]

  2. […] it is, the message board that I wrote about here and here.  The first picture is of me doing the “cutting-in” of the chalkboard […]

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