A budget for the “little guy”…

When Congress is in recess, I usually feel at peace with the world.  When Congress is in session I get jittery and nervous. 

This morning, after taking S to work, I stopped at a gas station to fill up the Chevy Equinox.  The cheap gas is going for $3.45 for the past three days.  I put 15.04 gallons of gas in the tank for $52.02.  Last Thursday I put in the same amount for $39.37.  I was expecting a fill up to be in the $45 buck range and I felt like I had been punched in the stomach when the meter hit $50.  But I sucked it up because we need to drive and we are the ones who chose all wheel drive for our north east Ohio winters that last until May.  A little Honda sedan wasn’t going to help us get in and out of our driveway.

When I got home I poured myself a cup of coffee and started reading the news on the internet.  It is my morning ritual.  Usually I find amusing news and generally there are a few items that raise my ire.  But nothing, nothing in the world prepared me for the news that the House is preparing the new budget.  Not that I didn’t expect it and not that I didn’t figure that with Democrats in control that I wouldn’t agree with it…  No, I just wasn’t prepared for the magnitude of my disagreement.

The budget that the Democrats are proposing will increase income tax rates across the board.  Not just on the top 1% like they always tell us they want to do.  Apparently the thought that the government is going to gouge the richest of the rich makes some people feel better.  Not me, though.  The Democrats also want to cut the child tax credit from $1000 back to what it was before the Bush tax cut.  They propose to raise taxes on small businesses and to reinstate the marriage penalty tax, among other things.

According to the Heritage Foundation, which has taken a look at the proposed budget and analyzed it in relation to the various Congressional districts (which you can see here) average taxpayer increases in my Congressional district by 2012 will be $1,094.  The budget will also cause a loss of income, per taxpayer, in my Congressional district of $1,766 by 2012.  The changes to the budget will bring a loss of about 1,615 jobs in the district.  And my Congressional district can also expect a $168,000,000 loss to the local economy by 2012.  Not good.  Not one bit.

For Ohio, overall, the average taxpayer increase will be $1,448 with an additional loss of income around $1,558.  Ohio will lose 37,285 more jobs and the state economy will lose close to $38,000,000.

It is an election year.  This budget proposal from a party that is looking to keep control of the House and the Senate, not to mention getting themselves into the White House…  well it’s what they call chutzpah.  I mean, come on, I’m in Ohio.  A swing state.  A state that is not the greatest place to live, already, if you are one of the “little guys” that the Democrats claim to represent.  I’m an average tax payer and I am not thrilled with the Republican presidential candidate but seeing a budget proposal like this one, after a $50 gas tank fill up, is going to have me sending money to John McCain.


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