The Big Dig…


We couldn’t go anywhere on Saturday, partly because there was a driving ban and also because our car was packed in with mounds of snow.  S thought we should start the Big Dig on Saturday while it was still snowing and I thought we should wait until the snow stopped on Sunday.  But she won that debate.  Good thing too since it took hours upon hours to dig out.  Our driveway is 250 feet long and it is gravel, so a snow-blower is not so much an option for us. 

I had hoped that there would be neighborhood kids around looking to make some money shoveling snow, but no.  Apparently that is just one more job that Americans will not do.  S claims she had fun digging out but I really would have paid someone, anyone, $100 to do it for us.  It also didn’t help that our neighbors across the street had a plow guy who removed all of their driveway snow into our driveway.  Bastard.

As I was shoveling snow on Sunday, at the end of the driveway, sort of in the road, I got to meet some neighbors.  We’ve lived here for a year now and we are really only friendly with one neighbor.  He lives right next door and he gives us gardening tips and waves when he sees us.  But there are many other houses and people on our street and we don’t know any of them.  They haven’t been friendly and our house is set so far back from the street that we don’t have to interact with them at all.  But I a few of them yesterday.  And mostly they just wanted to give me shoveling tips because I was apparently doing it incorrectly. 

The best advice came from an elderly Jewish man who was driving down the street.  He stopped when he got to our driveway, rolled down his window and said, “That is a man’s work.”  I gave a friendly chuckle and replied that it was, “work that must be done.”  He then advised me that I should hire a plow.  Not helpful, really.  At least he was friendly.


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