Shifting of the Mo…

And now the momentum is with Hillary Clinton.  Very interesting…

Last night she got her much needed wins in Ohio and Texas and little Rhode IslandBarack Obama picked up support from VermontJohn McCain won Vermont too.  Which begs the question, how can Republicans in Vermont drag themselves out to the polls year in and year out without ever having any hope of winning anymore? 

Hillary now hints that she and Barack could share the ticket in November.  She just doesn’t know yet who would be on top.  I don’t know if Barack would really want to be her Vice-President.  And I really can’t see her picking him because he would always outshine her.  If Barack wins the nomination is he really going to want to add Hillary and her negatives to his ticket when he is all about “change“?  Seems unlikely.

John McCain locked up the nomination last night.  Thank G_d.  Mike Huckabee gave a long, boring speech full of his cutesy little parables and then took himself out of the race.  Again, thank G_d.  I really wish he would just slip back into obscurity.  There is no room in myRepublican party for Mike Huckabee.

Ohio once again showed the nation that we are too stupid to vote.  Poll workers failed to show up at some polling places.  Some people had trouble filling in the ovals on the optical scan ballots.  Some polling places ran out of ballots.  Barack Obama’s legal team had to get judges to keep the polls open in about two dozen precincts.  I don’t blame our voting stupidity for the massive ice storm that hit at rush hour, which troubled the “after work” voters.  That probably couldn’t have been avoided.  And our voting stupidity if not to blame for the flooding in some polling places in southern Ohio. 

It is encouraging that about 80,000 people chose the vote by mail option.  Well, it’s encouraging only if they were real people and not voting dogs with human names.  Probably it was legit because I had to include my social security number as well as a photo copy of my drivers license in the envelope with my ballot.  At the time it seemed like a hassle, but I totally support having to have picture ID to vote.


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