Ohio primary issues…

As it turns out, looking at the actual votes counted, Barack Obama did win my county.  I suspected he might since it does encompass Cleveland proper.  Somehow, Dennis Kucinich beat back his multiple challengers to win the Democrat nomination for the 10th Congressional district.  He would have barely edged out a win if all the people who voted for his opponents would have just picked one person to get behind.

Cuyahoga County passed a tax for the continuation of Human Services.  I supported that.  The library levy in my little city passed, which I had voted against.  Not that I am against the library, I love it.  But it already has a ton of funding and is beyond state of the art.  Last November our school district asked us to increase our property taxes so they could fix the schools and I supported that.  I wasn’t excited about another hike for the library. 

But we did defeat an income tax hike last night (61% to 39%).  Very good.  The income tax here is already pretty high compared to other cities of our size.  When we told people we were buying a house here they all asked us if we were crazy considering the tax rates for property and income.  What is worse is that S works in a different city with an even higher income tax rate which she has to pay there and then only gets partial credit for it from our city.  Between the city, county and state taxes, we really couldn’t afford the increase.

I don’t buy the argument that it is NAFTA that has hurt Ohio.  It’s taxes.  The Republicans in Ohio love to raise taxes almost as much as the Democrats.  I don’t know why anyone would open a business in Ohio.  And most of our jobs haven’t gone overseas, they have moved to American cities with lower taxes.  A high percentage of the jobs leaving Ohio are ending up in Alabama and Texas.  You would think our leaders would learn some lessons being so close to Michigan

And it’s not that I am anti-tax.  I know I have to pay for services of the city, county and state.  I want the schools to operate/educate better.  I want the police to be fully funded.  I like knowing that a fire truck will come when needed.  But seriously, fill the damn pot holes.  Our very charming little city with high taxes has worse roads than Baghdad.  I should be able to get a tax deduction for new tires and wheel alignment.

Last fall the Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners raised the sales tax without taking it to the voters.  They did so because they knew the voters would never agree to it.  And the increase is for a Medical Mart that may or may not  be built here.  So we are paying higher taxes now to fund a project that may not exist.  And the Commissioners who passed the tax didn’t stand for re-election because they got jobs with the Medical Mart.  Apparently they are going to get paid even though the project may not happen here.

I love my little city.  I love living here.  But I want to be able to shop at its locally stores and eat at its locally owned restaurants.  If I have to pay too much just to live here, I am not going to be able to partake in all that it has to offer.

I did some math on the presidential votes.  If John McCain had gotten all of the Republican votes, he would have ended up with 1,055,543 votes.  If Hillary had taken all of the Democrat votes, she would have ended up with 1,135,174 votes.  Just a difference of 79,631.  No way to know how many Republicans crossed over to vote for Hillary though.  And who knows if all the Democrats and all the Republicans will get out to vote in the general if their prefered candidate is not the nominee.  Still, it does look like Democrats have a good chance of taking Ohio in November.


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