House to-do list…

When we first bought the house, I walked through each and every room making a list of things to do.  I also went over our house inspector’s report, jotting down the things he wanted us to repair.  It turned out to be quite a list.  As we completed projects I drew a line through the project and patted myself on the back.  But it is still a big list.

Here it is:


*replace knob and tube wiring

*remove improperly wires outlet on second floor, under window

*install grounding wire

*secure electrical casing on outside of house overlooking driveway

*live wires under front enterance need to be properly covered

*change all two prong outlets to three prong

*make lights in basement work on one switch instead of individual pull chains

*change light fixtures in all rooms (still need to change out the light in living room and downstairs bath)

*change light switch plates

*install exterior outlets in front and back

*run electricity to garage

*install garage door opener


*repair leak under kitchen sink

*new kitchen sink and faucet (bought the faucet already)

*extend/repair all down spouts

*repair down spout under front porch

*create shower in first floor bathroom (this is a big remodel thing that has to wait)

*create access panel for bath/shower on second floor


*repair siding shingles on back wall of garage

*fence in the backyard

*check on gutters, clean them out

*clean moss off of front porch shingles

*remove gigantic pine tree that is too close to the house (super expensive, not in budget yet, plus, I sort of love the tree)

*need new sod/grass for front yard

Safety & Security

*double keyed deadbolt on front door

*deadbolt on back door

*replace back door

*slide lock on basement/kitchen door

*glass block basement windows

*all purpose fire extinguishers on all floors

*big house numbers on front porch


*change heater filter (this is a monthly thing, but when we moved in, it hadn’t been done in awhile)

*dryer vent hole needs to be cut in laundry room

*new exhaust fan in upstairs bathroom

*remove wet insulation in basement and replace

* 8 new windows on first floor (going to be done on a room by room basis)


*remove wallpaper (there is still wallpaper in front vestibule)

*paint everything (front vestibule not done yet)

*ceramic tile in front vestibule, upstairs bath, downstairs bath, kitchen and laundry room

*sand and stain kitchen cabinets, new hardware

*upstairs bath, paint sink cabinet and tile counter

*tile kitchen countertop

*refinish hardwood floors (not doing, they are in better shape than we thought)

*add shelves to bathroom closet and upstairs hall closet

*replace carpet on stairway and second floor

There are new things that we want to do, like add central air at some point and eventually (long way off) extend the living room out about ten feet.  Which would also allow us to add another bedroom to the second floor.  And maybe someday, after we have won a large lottery, we could get rid of the gravel driveway and pave the whole thing.

As we complete projects, I’ll update this post with my “pat on the back” strikethroughs .


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