The kitchen…

We also spent part of the weekend painting the kitchen.  I had started painting the kitchen last March but it didn’t turn out well.  Even though I washed down the walls before painting, the crap that we used to remove the ugly-foul wallpaper kept my paint from sticking.  It just streaked on the walls.  It was quite dispiriting.  So much so that I refused to finish painting the kitchen.  I was afraid that we were going to have to tear the walls down to the studs and put up new drywall and I couldn’t face that back then.

 But this time around the first, streaky coat acted as a primer.  The paint went on well and it only took us a couple of hours to finish.  Well, there are still some touch-ups needed on the ceiling where I got a bit sloppy with the roller.

The color, in case you are interested:  Koala, sateen lustere enamel from Behr.


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