The built-ins…

I spent some time in the local Home Despot this weekend.  I wanted to price out the materials for the built-in bookshelves.  S helped me find a good website with step by step instructions for building them.  And another good website for what kind of wood I should be using. 

Essentially there is a choice between oak, pine and cabinet grade plywood.  The oak will support the most weight but is also most expensive (about $45 for a 4×8 sheet) and the pine holds a good bit of weight and is a bit cheaper (about $30 for a 4×8 sheet) with the cabinet grade holding a 129 lbs per three foot width (costing about $27 for a 4×8 sheet).  So, I’m going to go pine.  It suits my needs just fine and is the mid-range price. 

We also priced out some cabinets.  I’m going to use four base cabinets with one big wide door and one wide drawer, each costing $78.00.  All in all, the library project should cost about $460.00.  If they turn out well, then the money will have been worth it.  If I screw them up, I’m blowing a large chunk of money when I could just go buy a bunch of tall bookshelves at IKEA for $200. 

I also picked out our soon-to-be new kitchen sink.  It’s a two basin, stainless steel thing from Kohler.  The thing is, the drains come separately.  The Kohler brand drains are $50 a piece.  But there are other, cheaper drains to be had, so I am wondering if I need to buy the Kohler drains to go with the Kohler sink for any particular reason.  If I had more readers on this blog, one of you could advise me.  But I don’t get that kind of traffic…


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