Ohio primary day…

Today is the Ohio primaryTexas, Rhode Island and Vermont too, but I don’t live in those states so I am not going to talk about them.

It’s a dreary day.  Cold, with freezing rain.  Everything has a coat of ice on it.  Cleaning off the car this morning sucked.  It’s the kind of ice that just won’t scrape away as if it has melded with the glass.  Good thing we voted early, by mail, because today is not get-out-the-vote inspiring.

Last night on the eleven o’clock news they put up phone numbers from the Hillary and Barack campaigns for voters who need rides to the polls.  Apparently John McCain doesn’t care if we get to the polls because he didn’t have a ride number.

On Sundaymorning a young man in a black trench coat came to my door.  He was kind of scraggly looking, like a typical college boy.  I would have been alarmed by his knocking on the door, but he was wearing a “Change We Can Believe In” baseball cap and a big Barack Obama button on his lapel.  He was very nice and polite but we didn’t speak for long because both S and I had already voted and not so much for his candidate.  No Hillary door knockers. 

We live in an upper middle class’ish neighborhood.  Very large Jewish population and somewhat diverse otherwise.  But there is an over representation of snotty, Prius driving, liberal, white people.  I suppose that was redundant, eh?  Anyway, for months most cars have had Obama stickers.  I hadn’t seen any Hillary signage until last Friday which makes me question her ground game.  Of course, now every square inch of our city is covered in Barack or Hillary signs.  I feel pretty certain that Barack will take our little city but I don’t know that it will help him take all of Ohio.  This is most certainly not McCain country.  Oddly enough, it is Ron Paul country.  Over the past three months there have been random gaggles of Ron Paul supporters holding signs and shouting at cars that drive by.  I wonder if they really think that is effective…

I predict an Ohio election fiasco tonight.  There were already problems counting the early mail votes.  Our Secretary of State made us spend millions switching back to optical scan balloting after we had just spent millions on the electronic voting machines.  It doesn’t feel good to be an Ohio tax payer.  For the 2006 general election there were too many problems to count, the least of which were the electronic machines.  Generally speaking, the problem is people.  But they don’t give IQ tests for poll workers or Board of Elections seats.  Hell, I’d support giving them simple brain scans before I even raised the question of IQ.

Last week the seemingly developmentally challenged Mayor of Cleveland endorsed Barack Obama.  Only, he didn’t so much endorse Obama as he endorsed some man named “Barack Obamba” which was amusing.  Mayor Jackson would be an amusing man if only he weren’t in control of a major American city.  A few days later, while holding a rally in Akron, Obama thanked Mayor Johnson for his endorsement.  Which was also amusing.


S shout-out…

Because she is not satisfied with two masters degrees, S has applied to her school’s Phd program.  Very exciting.

So now, I must give her a shout-out because she made the “first cut” in the application process.  Which means she gets to have an interview for her next hurdle.

Fingers are crossed in the Renovations Household.

(I should add that this is not one of those naval gazing Phd’s.  It will be useful in many ways.  She’s not the kind of girl who likes to be in school just to hear people tell her how smart she is.  Though, she is quite brilliant, I must say.)

The kitchen…

We also spent part of the weekend painting the kitchen.  I had started painting the kitchen last March but it didn’t turn out well.  Even though I washed down the walls before painting, the crap that we used to remove the ugly-foul wallpaper kept my paint from sticking.  It just streaked on the walls.  It was quite dispiriting.  So much so that I refused to finish painting the kitchen.  I was afraid that we were going to have to tear the walls down to the studs and put up new drywall and I couldn’t face that back then.

 But this time around the first, streaky coat acted as a primer.  The paint went on well and it only took us a couple of hours to finish.  Well, there are still some touch-ups needed on the ceiling where I got a bit sloppy with the roller.

The color, in case you are interested:  Koala, sateen lustere enamel from Behr.

The built-ins…

I spent some time in the local Home Despot this weekend.  I wanted to price out the materials for the built-in bookshelves.  S helped me find a good website with step by step instructions for building them.  And another good website for what kind of wood I should be using. 

Essentially there is a choice between oak, pine and cabinet grade plywood.  The oak will support the most weight but is also most expensive (about $45 for a 4×8 sheet) and the pine holds a good bit of weight and is a bit cheaper (about $30 for a 4×8 sheet) with the cabinet grade holding a 129 lbs per three foot width (costing about $27 for a 4×8 sheet).  So, I’m going to go pine.  It suits my needs just fine and is the mid-range price. 

We also priced out some cabinets.  I’m going to use four base cabinets with one big wide door and one wide drawer, each costing $78.00.  All in all, the library project should cost about $460.00.  If they turn out well, then the money will have been worth it.  If I screw them up, I’m blowing a large chunk of money when I could just go buy a bunch of tall bookshelves at IKEA for $200. 

I also picked out our soon-to-be new kitchen sink.  It’s a two basin, stainless steel thing from Kohler.  The thing is, the drains come separately.  The Kohler brand drains are $50 a piece.  But there are other, cheaper drains to be had, so I am wondering if I need to buy the Kohler drains to go with the Kohler sink for any particular reason.  If I had more readers on this blog, one of you could advise me.  But I don’t get that kind of traffic…