Plans shot all to hell…

I had plans for the day.  I had lots to do and was going to be busy, busy, busy. 

It was going to start early.  I was going to go to Target to pick up a gift card for S’s brother, el Jefe.  It is his birthday and I am so on the ball this year that I bought his birthday card two weeks ago.  In fact, my main goal for 2008 is to remember every important birthday with cards and phone calls that are not in any way belated.  el Jefe’s is my first big challenge.  I figured, if I got the gift-card/card in the mail today, he would have it for his actual birthday, if not a day early.

I had other things to do at the Post Office as well.  I have about $16.00 worth of certified mail that needs to go out.  I also need to pick up a ring we ordered from Jerusalem has come in but for some reason the mail person didn’t knock on my door to tell me about it.  He just left a note saying I could pick it up.  And I know he didn’t knock because I was sitting on the sofa when he stopped by yesterday, not three feet from our mail slot.

I am also in desperate need of some nasal decongestant.  And not the OTC kind that doesn’t work but also doesn’t make Meth.  I need the good stuff, kept behind the counter, for which I must hand over my driver’s license and buy in small quantities.

And then there is the dry cleaning…  I needed to pick that up too.

But I am not doing any of it.  I am blogging and reading news on the internet.

On the way to school this morning, S and I made a stop in which she needed to take my wallet into a store with her.  She got back in the car and I dropped her off at school and then proceeded to the nearest Target.  I parked the car and started to walk toward the store doors and something just wasn’t right.  I reached my right hand back and touched my right bum cheek.  Nothing.  No wallet.  I walked back to the car and looked in the glove compartment.  No wallet.  No wallet at all.  So, I drove home.  When I got home I called S’s classroom because there were still three minutes before her first class started. 

She had the wallet.  She claims that she tried to flag me down as I pulled away but I didn’t pay attention.  Probably I didn’t pay attention because driving around her school during student drop-off is an extreme sport.  It is life and death.  If you are not fully focused on every child and car within 50 feet, someone is going to get hurt.  There is much more room for driver error/neglect on the D.C. Beltway than there is around S’s high school.

Without the wallet I have no money.  No debit card.  No photo ID.  No driver’s license on this snowy driving day.  No nothing.  And without any of those things, I am kind of stuck as to what I can accomplish today.  Well, not entirely stuck…

You see, I have a secret stash of money.  It’s not much, but my other goal for 2008 is to save $40.00 a month so that come December I can surprise S with Christmas Shopping money.  I don’t intend to use the money for anything else unless there is a dire emergency and my open heart surgery is going to cost exactly what I have in my Secret Stash.  Sure, I could spend it today while I am wallet-less and then replace the cash later.  But if I start doing that, I am more likely to do it again and then, at some point, I won’t put the money back and my goal will be lost.  

Besides, a couple of the things on my to-do list require a photo ID.  I am not going to make multiple trips to the much hated Post Office.  That might hasten my need for open heart surgery.  Even though I pre-paid the dry-cleaning, the pick-up receipt is also in the wallet.  I’m screwed.

So, I am going to while away part of the day starting a third season run at a National Championship in NCAA 2008.  I have already won back to back National Championships with my Fighting Irish and I think we have a shot at 3 with my returning Seniors.  Good times.


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