It wasn’t much of a debate…

I did not care much for the format of last night’s MSNBC debate.  Generally speaking, I think Tim Russert is a decent questioner, but last night he seemed a little soft.  And what was the point of having Brian Williamssitting at the table other than having someone announce when the comerical breaks would come?

Senator Clinton didn’t come across well in her complaints of the media coddling of Senator Obama, but it is a valid complaint.  If only she could find within herself a way to bring the charge without sounding whiny or b*tchy.  You know, something like, “Hey, this guy is pretty great when he’s getting applause and softball questions but you, the media, are not doing the hard work of weeding out his flaws before the Republican Machine gets their claws into him.”  Something like that.  Although, there is a chance that the Republican Machine is going to kid-glove Obama all the way to his inauguration for fear of being called racists and haters of Hope.

Another disappointment was that during the first fourth of the debate, Hillary didn’t sound confident in her answers.  She meandered through some and stumbled over others.  That is sooo not like her.  And when she found her “confident voice” she jumped into a pool of b*tch juice and sounded even more awful.  And Barack was just pure smooth jazz all night long.  Well, not all night.  He didn’t do well with the Farrakhan answer and he didn’t do well with the public financing answer.  But even when he isn’t doing well, he stills remains calm and cool and I can see where some people focus on his coolness and not what he is saying.

I am alarmed by both of their answers on NAFTA.  And what exactly is a “trade time out“?  I was alarmed by both of their answers on the “hypothetical” Iraq question.  If either of them are even remotely familiar with modern American military history, they would know that it was not a hypothetical question.  I am not comfortable with either of their health-care plans.  I am beyond uncomfortable with either of their abilities to handle foreign policy because it seems so secondary to them.  Which would be fine if they both wanted to be Senate Majority Leader and not Leader of the Free World

I guess what I am trying to say here is that I don’t think I am going to vote Democrat in November.  No, John McCainhasn’t won me over, but neither have the Democrats.  I have not gotten caught up in the magic of Obama, even though I almost did with the Will I. Am video on You Tube.  And I would feel a little more confident if Hillary won the nomination over Barack, but neither of them would be my first choice.  Or second choice.  Or third choice.  Why can’t the Democrats rally around behind Evan Bayh (D, IN) or Joe Lieberman(I, CT)?  Maybe McCain will choose Joe for a running-mate… I can only hope.

Tim Russert did give Hillary a second chance to say that no matter how wonderful Barack Obama is, he is not ready to be President of the United States.  And she failed.  I could understand that failure if she thought he was going to give her the VP nod or a seat on the Supreme Court, but without those promises, she really owed it to her country to answer honestly.  She doesn’t believe that he is ready.  Maybe he would be ready in 2012, but not yet.  And Hillary refused to admit it. 

That is why I fell pretty certain she lost the debate and is not going to win the nomination.  Well, that and the polls.


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