Potomac Primary ass kicking…

Wow, that was quite the ass kicking last night along the PotomacSenator Obama took 75 percent of the vote in the D.C. , nearly two-thirds in Virginia and approximately 60 percent in Maryland.  And now the delegate count stands at 1,223for Obama and 1,198 for Senator Clinton.  It will take 2,025 to win the nomination.  But I could be off on those numbers because the Democrats are a bit screwball with their delegates and super-delegates.

What is even more impressive is that Sen. Obama seems to be swallowing up Sen. Clinton supporters with each and every primary.  Before, he was getting the votes of African-Americans and “latte liberals” and she was getting the working class, the womenand the AARP crowd.  But last night, Obama picked up a slew of women voters and a whole lot more votes in the “little or no college education” pool.  Really impressive.  Although it doesn’t seem like he has made impressive inroads with the “white, over sixty” crowd.

I don’t know why that is really.  But I have some ideas.  Again, I reference my parents.  When I was talking with my motheryesterday she didn’t believe me when I told her that Obama was going to sweep the Potomac.  She’s still listening to the main stream media’sassertion that the African-American community is wary of Obama.  The Clinton racial meltdown in South Carolinablew that all to Hell.  She also labors under the impression that sooner or later everyone is going to catch on that Obama isn’t really saying anything  when he speaks so powerfully.  My mother tends to have more faith in the American electorate than I do.  I called her again, after the primary results were reported and I have to tell you, she was stunned by the numbers.

She got kind of pissed off when I told her that Pennsylvania’s Gov. Ed Rendell is counting on elderly racists like her to carry Hillary Clinton to the White House.  Here’s the money quote: 

You’ve got conservative whites here, and I think there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate,” Rendell told the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in remarks that appeared in Tuesday’s paper.

My mother is not a racist.  It’s sad that I feel the need to write that.  Thanks Rendell, you schmuck.  My parents honestly believe that Hillary Clinton is the most brilliant woman of her generation and by virtue of that, should be the next President.  They have a visceral feeling of support for her for a billion reasons.  They did not have the same fervor for John Kerry in 2004, even though they did vote for him.  They have little or no regard for Barack Obama because he hasn’t been around all that long.  They don’t trust him because they don’t know him.  And while he is doing a great job swaying a large percentage of the population, he hasn’t given any concrete information to people who are at the age where reliance on the government is more important than ever before.

I think that people over the age of 60 have heard inspirational oration before from better political candidates.  They have had FDR and Kennedy and grew up in a time when school teachers still talked about Washington and Lincoln.  And the politicians they believed in and voted for provided substance in their breath-taking oratory.  Older people are much less likely to buy into current cults of personality even though one could argue that they love for FDR and JFK were just that.

And yes, some of them might actually dislike the fact that Barack Obama is black.  I’ll give you that, but I refuse to believe it is the main reason the over sixty set isn’t switching to his side.


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