Snow day…

This is the absolute best thing about being a teacher, or rather S being a teacher, snow days.  Yes, it’s a right up there with decent pay, health care, job security and summers off.

And the best part of a snow day… finding out the night before that school is cancelled, rather than waking up early to watch for it on the tv.  If you waste time watching the school closings and then are not closed, you are going to end up running late.  And even if you get lucky and school is closed, you are awake, excited and unable to go back to sleep.

Now would be a good time to mention that today’s cancellation had little to do with snow, though there is some.  No, it is because we are suffering through an arctic blast.  The temperature was too low to allow children to wait for the bus or walk to school.  It is wicked cold here.

So we were able to sleep in which was quite nice.  And S will be able to go with me to pick up her new glasses today.  I got new glasses over the weekend and by the end of the day today we’ll both be looking spiffy.  Right now we are sitting in our office (though I think I want to call it the den or library) and I am doing my morning news reading thing and S is reading some god awful John Dewey for class.  I feel bad for her and for teachers everywhere…  No wait… they have a snow day today so I cannot feel too bad for them.

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