So long Bobby Knight…

Let me start by saying that I am not a true basketball fan.  I like the NCAA tournament once it gets down to the Sweet Sixteen and I really only care if there is a good under dog team.  I don’t like professional basketball much at all.  College hoops are at least a little interesting and the personalities are better.

Nobody has more personality than Bobby Knight.  I love that man.  If I were a male basketball coach, I would aspire to be half of what Bobby Knight is.  I have often said that if I ever have sons who are tall enough and have any basketball skills, I would want them to play for Bobby Knight.  Over the years, many parents have shared that sentiment and given him their sons.  He is the winningest male coach in basketball history and only recently went over 900 wins.  He was a great coach and a good man.  And a man with a temper, of course.

Bobby Knight is done now.  I’m not thrilled that he’s quitting in the middle of a season, but he’s done.


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