Renovation debris…

At the start of our renovation process, I had a plan.  Of course, that all went to hell.  Not all my fault.  One of the biggest changes to the plan was in figuring out how to rid ourselves of the construction debris.  Of course, I didn’t know we were going to have so much debris right from the start.  I thought it would come later in the process when we had a better idea of how to rid ourselves of it.

 The length of our driveway is obscene.  I always assumed that when we started a huge renovation project, we’d order one of those big, ugly dumpster because we would have plenty of room for it and still be able to provide off street parking for a busy cafe.  But no.  We were so broke because of… I blame Mr. S.  I blame him for all of it.  We had no money left over for a dumpster. 

So, for the past year we have had a junked bathtub and a junked toilet in our garage (classy).  We have a mess of old knob and tube wiring littering the basement.  We have piles of busted up 2×4’s and trim pieces chock full ‘o’ nails.  We have garbage bags in the basement that are too heavy to lift because they are filled with chunks of plaster from knocking down walls.  We replaced every light fixture in the house, so all the old ones are piled up in the basement.  We are stuffed to the gills with renovation debris. 

Our city does not allow us to put construction crap in with the regular garbage.  Of course that was what Mr. S encouraged us to do.  And to be honest, we did put some of it out, but I felt horrible about it and I worried that we were going to get fined.  And to be fair, he did take one of our junked toilets back to Pittsburgh with him because he’s allowed to put that kind of stuff in his garbage (or so he claimed).  I’m hesitant to start the kitchen counter project because that is going to be even more debris that will have to be dealt with. 

But now I have a new plan.  It is called The Bagster.  It is a sturdy plastic bag that holds 3 cubic yards of debris.  It will hold up to 3,300 pounds of debris.  And you can just buy the bag at Home Despot (or other retailers) for about $30 and use it whenever you so choose.  When you fill it up, you call for a pick up and your debris is gone (there is an additional collection fee).  Oh yes, this is the perfect plan for me.  I always feel more comfortable with a plan.


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