Giant Shout Out…

It happened!  They did it!  The Giants beat the Patriots 17-14!  A great upset, although not the greatest upset ever.

Eli Manning is the MVP although there is an argument to be made that the Giants defense, collectively, deserves the MVP title and the hybrid suv.

Tom Brady spent most of the game face down on the turf!  Loved it!  Loved every moment of it.  19 and 0?  Not!

The football season is officially over for me.  I don’t get excited about the Pro-Bowl anymore.  No, my next  pro football excitement will come on Draft Day (just 82 days and 2 hours away).  Draft weekend, really.  But it will be fun to watch the game played between Senator Arlen Specter (R, PA) and Pro Football Comish Roger Godell. 

I don’t know if the Patriots have been taping and cheating since they started their AFC domination in 2001, but they were certainly “gifted” by the officiating crew to make it to that first Super Bowl.  Maybe I am just jealous of their consistent superior play and coaching.  I’ll admit to that.  But if they were cheating, I would like to see them pay for it or at least tarnished by it. 

Right now, I will just be happy that they lost the big game and now have a ruined season.  I am thrilled that the Patriots didn’t get through a perfect season.  I am thrilled that Tom Brady has not yet joined the ranks of Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana as four timeSuper Bowl winning quarterbacks.  I say “yet” because I think he is a great quarterback and he may very well end up with four or more rings.  He is that good.  He is amazing.  And if he played for my team, I would exalt him on a daily basis.  But he doesn’t, so I don’t.


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