Shout out…

I want and need to give a shout out to an internet based company.  In January S bought a pair of Dr. Marten’s from  They were priced just right and had a great selection of everything.  Unfortunately, as can happen with buying shoes on-line, when the boots first arrived, they didn’t fit right.  A little too big.  I thought she could live with them and just wear bulky socks, but she wasn’t happy. 

She got on the phone and called Zappos.  Their customer service totally rocks.  Just 22 hours later, at no charge, another box of boots in a smaller size had arrived.  They fit perfectly.  Zappos told S to take a couple of days to make sure which pair she wanted and then, within 14 days, mail back the other pair for free.  A few days after we sent the wrong sized pair back, they sent us a confirmation e-mail and the deal was done.

Zappos is wonderful and perfect in every way.  They only let you order what they know they have in stock so you aren’t playing a waiting game.  And if they don’t have a size you need, you can tell them what it is and they will shoot you an e-mail when they get it in.  They really and truly are all about the customer service.


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