Missed anniversaries…

S and I had been planning on celebrating certain house related anniversaries because they are a big deal to us.  For example, January 29 2007, was the day we signed all the papers and closed on the house.  Big day.  And February 1, 2007, was the day we actually got the keys and got to walk around our house all alone for the first time.  It was also the day that I dropped my cell phone in two feet of snow in our new backyard.  Didn’t find it for a week.  Amazingly, it still worked when we did find it.  Not celebrating that though, just remembering.

As is our usual, we were going to celebrate by popping open a bottle of Welch’sRed.  But we forgot.  Last week was just chock full of errand running and projects and deadlines and, to be perfectly honest, it didn’t help that my complete 7 Seasons of The West Wing, finally arrived from Amazon.  So, we totally forgot the mark those important house history dates.   I don’t think the house feels left out though because we did spend the entire evening last night snuggled up in our cozy (yes, I mean small) living room watching seven episodes from season one.  What more could a house want?  And, our house is going to get to have its first Big Game Party tomorrow.  And by party, I mean just me and S and some little corn dogs.

Happy Anniversary House!  Here’s to 29 more years…


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