Talking politics with my mom…

My mother is a 70 year old, life-long, yellow dog Democrat (she would vote for a yellow dog if it had a D beside its name).  I come from a long, long line of Democrat voters and Democrat politicians.  In fact, even though my home state of West Virginia is a two party state, even the Republicans there are Democrats.  Yeah, yeah, West Virginia went for Bush in 2000 and 2004, but that really was just about guns.  My grandmother is even more of a strident Democrat.  She headed the West Virginia campaign for Jimmy Carter in the 1970’s and gets yearly Christmas cards from her friend Jay Rockefeller.  Although I did convince her to vote for a Republican governor once.  But like I said, in WV, the Republicans are Democrats…

 I was talking to my mother this morning about a little of everything.  But our conversations almost always come around to politics.  She considers my being a conservative to be her single biggest parenting failure.  She didn’t bat an eye when I told her I was gay, but a couple of years later when I told her I was voting for George W. Bush, she threatened to disown me. 

This morning she wanted to know if I watched Hillary and Barak debate last night, which I did.  We talked about that some and then she railed about the evil-ness of Giuliani, which is moot at this point, but she still feels the need to convince me of it.  She didn’t, in case you were wondering.  Then I railed on about McCain and Huckabee.  And she jumped up and down all over Romney’s hair (she thinks it is dyed).  She doesn’t like Obama much but only because she loves Hillary so much.  I told her that I am not inspired by any of our choices.  And then she said the oddest thing…  For the first time ever, she’d be okay with any of these three: Clinton, Obama or McCain.  I was shocked.  I’ve never, ever heard my mother say a nice thing about a Republican. 

So, I suppose that lends credence to the national polls that say that McCain is the only shot that Republicans have at keeping the White House.  It also lends credence to all the conservatives who are complaining that McCain is not a conservative or not conservative enough.  It’s also given me a lot to think about. 

Also, it was our first political conversation that didn’t end with the following:

Me:  Well, I’ve got to get going.  I love you, Communist.  Have a nice day.

Mother: You have a nice day too, Fascist.  Love you.


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