Prediction for that big game on Sunday…

Really, I’m just not sure if I am allowed to actually write out the name of that big game coming up on Sunday in Arizona.  You know the one, featuring the best team in the AFC and the best team in the NFC.  The NFL has all sorts of rules and regulations about their ownership of game description and use of their protected product.  Since I live in fear of ever being sued for anything, I’ll just continue to call it the “big game”.


I don’t think the injury that Tom Brady may or may not  have is going to be an issue at all.  I don’t think that Eli Manning is going to embarrass himself with his play, as he has in the past.  I don’t think it is going to be a scoring blow out with the Patriots running up a score by half-time. 

As much as I want the Giants to win… As much as I will be rooting for them as if they were my beloved Steelers…  As much as I would love Eli to win MVP the year after his brother did…  As much as I would savor a Giants upset…  I have to admit that I truly believe the Patriots are going to win in the end.  I don’t think it is going to be a high scoring affair.  Maybe a field goal will win it. 

I reserve the right to alter this prediction if we find out on Friday that none of the Patriot starters are going to play in the big game.


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