The garage door is frozen shut.  I suppose there are some things we could do to pry it open, but it is cold, really cold. 

We are required by our city to keep our garbage cans inside the garage until 7:00 pm the night before garbage collection.  Since we cannot get the door open, we cannot take out our garbage.  The kitchen can is starting to overflow.  And now I have some chicken bits to throw out.  I kicked around the idea of putting bags of garbage in the basement until the garage door thaws but it just doesn’t seem like a sound idea.  What if we forget it’s down there?  Bad.  What if it draws rodents into the basement?  Super bad.

I also kicked around the idea of just putting bags of garbage out by the garage but I know we would get fined.   Not only fined, but animals would tear the bags open and decorate the yard with debris.  Super duper bad.

I’m really having bad door karma this month.

By the way, I am totally repeating “garage” and “garbage” over and over and over as if they rhyme.


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