Drug dealer door prt 4…

A continuation of this story.

Much worse than I had expected.  Oh God, so much worse.  We went to Home Despot last night after I picked  S  up from work.  It has to be the home of the worst Home Despot staff in the country.  If Arthur Blank  thinks Michael Vick is his worst employee, then he has not visited my local Home Despot.  In our home renovation adventure last night we had the joy of dealing with inept employees as well as the sky rocketing cost of our non-standard door replacement. 

It took more than an hour and two different employees to tell us that the door we want (because it suits our 100 year old house the best) is going to be a bazillion  dollars.  But, we were told that a door that we don’t want (because it is ugly and does not suit the style of the house) would be one hundred dollars less than a bazillion.  To be honest, I would have happily forked over a gazillion dollars, a bazillion is just too much.  And I am just not going to fork over a ton of cash for a door that I do not want.  In fact, the door that I don’t want is less  appealing to me than keeping the drug dealer door.

S’s father excoriated us over the phone the other night for even considering  buying a door from Home Despot, let alone paying them to install it.  He said he would come for a visit and build out the door entrance to standard size and then hang a standard size door himself.  Yeah… we didn’t quite jump at that offer because… well, the reasons are laid out here, here and here

But building out the door entrance does seem like a good idea considering how much the non-standard door is going to cost.  No idea how much a project like that is going to cost.  It might end up being just as expensive.  But I’ve put out a call to a local, reputable handyman to get an estimate.  I’ll just have to wait and see.


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