Words can kill…

I sometimes get obsessed with saying words over and over and over…  Sometimes I’ll hear a name and it’s so fun to say that I will say it over and over and over…  Sometimes I will take the fun to say name and word associate it to another fun to say name and then repeat them both over and over and over…  Sort of like that David Letterman fiasco at the Oscars when he went on too long with the “Uma/Oprah” bit.

One day back in 1995 I was got stuck saying the name Ida Lupino over and over and over…  Then I thought about how similar it sounded to Patti LuPone, so I mixed them together and spent an entire day saying them in a sing-song fashion.  Three days later Ida Lupino was dead.  It kind of freaked me out.

Back in December of 2005, toward the end of a particularly good Christmas break, S asked me a question about Sean Penn.  I answered her question but then I couldn’t resist showing off some of my inane trivia skills.  So I told her that Sean Penn had two brothers, Michael and Christopher.  She had no idea who Michael Penn was but kind of knew that Christopher Penn was the fat dude in Reservoir Dogs.  I then whipped out the knowledge that Michael Penn is married to Aimee Mann, trivia that actually impressed S because she loves Aimee Mann.  Anyway, the rest of the day, I couldn’t help but walk around muttering “Michael Penn/Christopher Penn” because it rolled off the tongue in such a nice way.  But then, a little less than a month later, Christopher Penn was dead.  Again, totally freaked out.

To be fair, Ida Lupino was 81, so her death was not a shocker.  But Chris Penn was only 41.  I’m not saying I had anything to do with their deaths…. but it is a really freaky coincidence.  I’ve been trying to keep my repeated word obsession confined to words and not names but it is soooo hard.


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