Blog review…

I have finally finished reading through the archives (May 2004 to present) of the blog  A Family Runs Through It

It took some time to get through all of his posts because many of them are detailed and the details are so interesting that you can’t just skim through.  It is written by a stay-at-home Idaho dad and it is wicked brilliant.  When he posts pictures, they are usually stunning.  When he reviews a movie or cd or activity, you really trust his opinions.  I’m also a fan of homeschooling and he started to home-school his son and when he describes it, you cannot help but be envious of what a great education that kid is going to get.  In fact, I’d say the man has some super fine parenting skills. 

A Family Runs Through It is a must-read blog.  Not that he needs the advertisement considering he had something like 220,000 readers in 2007.


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