Technology and such…

I’m not a gadget geek.  I used to think I was but then I started reading the blogs of gadgets geeks and meeting actual gadget geeks and I realized that I’m not them.  I may be something of a kitchen gadget geek, but I also hate cluttered counter-tops, so my kitchen gadgets are minimal.  And I also realize that I am late to the I-Pod/MP3 player party. 

I have never been much of a “take the music with me” kind of girl.  I had a Walk-Man when I was in junior high, but I never really used it much except on car trips with my parents.  Once I was old enough to drive, I controlled the car stereo.  Never really used the Walk-Man in the house because I had a stereo in my room.  Never really used it out in public because I like to listen in on the conversations of other people.  I guess, too, that I am not one of the musically obsessed either.  Sure, I like music, but I don’t always have to be listening to it.  I listen primarily to talk radio when I am alone.  When we travel, I let S take control of the car stereo.  Now that I think about it, I really only listen to music in the car with S and that’s usually only on road trips or weekend errand running.

Anyway, this is a drawn out way of getting to the topic…  We finally joined the 2000’s and bought an MP3 player.  We’re both anti-Apple, so it’s not an I-Pod.  S is enthralled with the new gadget.  I’ve not had much to do with it since we got it.  She’s buying the music and loading it up and I am merely benefiting from her gadget geekiness.  It does seem cool though.  I like having all the music in one place rather than scattered about on a thousand cd’s.  We have to replace the factory stereo in the car (in and of itself a long, sad story) so we picked one that has a plug in for the new music gadget.  The only problem is that this new technology is making me feel like an old codger.  Sure, I can use it just fine, but having come to the party so late, I feel a bit out of touch. I think this must be how my parents feel when I berate them for not ever having used the VCR I bought them 8 years ago. 

Can anyone explain to me why the ear buds have to hurt so much? 


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