I love football…


This is me, age two or three, I think.  Even then, a huge football fan.  In fact, I this this is the only picture of me smiling as a child and it must have something to do with the football gear.  My poor parents… they had two biological sons but longed for a daughter so they adopted me.  Instead of a daughter, they got a football freak. 

But love of football runs through our family.  My mother is a college football freak (WVU).  My paternal grandmother was a Chicago Bears freak.  My brothers played high school football and are college football freaks.  My paternal grandfather was a college football star and actually played for the Chicago Bears from 1933 through 1936.  Trivia:  He scored the first ever touchdown in the first ever professional playoff game.  There is a picture of it in the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.

Thus, I am starting a new feature here at My Renovations, the “I love football” update.  Timely now that the football season is all but over, right?  The off season is hard for me so I’ll use this as a crutch until the pre-season starts.

Random football thoughts:

I am still so bitter over coach Rich Rodriguez leaving WVU for Michigan

I am still bitter about Steelers coach Mike Tomlin chasing points and blowing the Wild Card playoff game. 

I am sad that I didn’t play fantasy football this year.  Last year I won my league.  This year I played Pigskin Pick’em from ESPN and had an 87.7% record.  Not too shabby, but not as cool as fantasy football.

I worry about Notre Dame.  They need to right the ship. 

I live in Ohio but I hate the Buckeyes.  Which brings a dilemma… Do I continue to root for Michigan over Ohio State even though they stole my coach? 

Poor Brett Favre (for whom my dog is named).  It’s bad enough to lose a big game, but worse to lose because of your own big mistake. 

Yeah!  Tony Dungy is coming back for at least another year.

I hate the Patriots.  Before this season I disliked them because they kept beating the Steelers in the AFC Championshipgames, but now I hate them for their perfection.  It’s not perfection that I hate because I would have been thrilled if the Steelers had been perfect.  I just hate the Patriots.  So this year, I will be rooting for the New York Football Giants.  And yes, I know that it would take an act of God for the Giants to pull off the upset.

And now for my girlie moment…  That Brady Quinn, formerly of Notre Dame and current Cleveland Browns backup QB, is the most handsome man I have ever seen.  Hate the Browns, love the Quinn.


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