Renovation tale, final part…

I have been awfully hard on Mr. S in the last four posts.  But I would like to point out that it’s difficult to feel so much anger toward him when he did re-wire our entire house for cost.  He saved us a ton of money on a project that we really needed to have done.  He also went to great lengths to turn this old house into a house that has at least five electrical outlets in every single room and hallway.  We never struggle to plug something in.  Priceless.

Other bonuses: Even though it was odd to be over 30 and suddenly have a dinner curfew, the man made us a real meal every single night for months.  Almost always some variation on chicken, which we love.  And he paid for it all.  Apparently he loved shopping at a little market by our apartment and would go there every day after working on the house.  I had originally thought that we would be eating pizza and McDonald’s all through the renovation process, but no, not on Mr. S’s watch.

After many weeks of working together, Mr. S started to understand that I, even as a girl, had some renovation skills as well as strength, which I appreciated.  At first he was all, “Okay, you go paint, I’m going to do real work.  Oh, and get me a beer.”  But then he was all like, “Hey, carry this bathtub upstairs and then knock down that wall in the hall.”  All good because I had been waiting my whole life to renovate a house like this and at first I was pissed off disappointed that he wasn’t letting me do anything.

Before he came to destroy help us with the house, he rarely ever spoke to me.  He was civil  to me when we visited them and civil when he visited us, but never spoke to me beyond “hello” and “drive safe“.  It wasn’t comfortable, but I understood it and didn’t complain.  But while he was here and we worked together everyday and lived together every night, we talked.  It was a little awkward.  But we found out that we both kind of enjoy the show “24” and we talked a lot about the house and he finally admitted that he had always wanted to renovate an old house because a buddy of his did it once.  He never did get past the fact that I listen to sports and political talk radio all day long while he likes listening to adult contemporary, so we had to have two radios going.  We did talk a lot of football, which was cool, being that we are both Steelers fans and I know a lot more about football than he originally thought.  You could say, that I finally became the “son-in-law” he always wanted during the renovation.  And all of that has carried over to our non-renovation life.  Christmas was a lot more pleasant this year.  We chatted a lot.  A couple of times this season he called during Steelers games to say “Oh my God, did you just see that?!”

 So, yeah, I am still a little bitter about a lot of the things happened last winter/spring, but I can put it into perspective.  I look forward to the day when we invite Mr. S to come back so that he can rewire the front porch (because he never did get to that) and run electricity out to our garage so that we can have a fancy automatic door.  S is still worried about ever letting him come back to the house.  But I think she’ll let him do those things and just live with the stress over whatever else he might decide to “help” us with.


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