Renovation tale, part 4…

Kitchen floor

Okay, so we did stop Mr. S from destroying the kitchen, like he destroyed the bathroom, but there was some destruction.

Both S and I conveyed over and over to her dad that we could not afford to renovate the entire house before we moved in.  We were over already extending ourselves by having to remodel the bathroom while paying rent/mortgage/utilities.  But he was determined to tear apart the kitchen.  As much as he claimed to like renovations, it seemed to me that he really only enjoyed the demolition part. 

One day he and I had been working at the house, me painting, him wiring the kitchen , when it was time to call it a day.  I had to pick up S from work to take her to class and he wanted to get back to our apartment for American Idol.  While we were cleaning up he started talking to me about the kitchen remodel.  I repeated our stance that we weren’t going to touch the kitchen until long after we moved in.  He started talking about how ugly the kitchen floor was.  I agreed, and said that someday it would be replaced, but it just wasn’t in the budget yet.  He told me that he thought S was too stressed out to make the kitchen decision.  I agreed that she was stressed out, but didn’t say “Cause you are really freaking her out.”  He tried to get me to agree that we should start on the kitchen right away but I stood my ground.  As I was leaving, he was cleaning up for the night. 

I dropped S off at class and then went back to the house to kill time until she was done.  Mr. S had already left to go back to the apartment to make us dinner.  I could have gone to the apartment, but it was bad enough that I had to spend all day with him and live with him at night.  I needed some serious alone time.  When I got back to the house I took off my coat and went into the kitchen to get a soda.  The light wasn’t on so I was stepping somewhat blindly into the kitchen.  It was squishy.  It didn’t feel right.  I got to the light switch, turned it on, looked to where I had just walked and then yelled, “Son of a bitch!”  Asshat had totally ripped up part of the kitchen floor!  He did it as soon as I left.  I was only gone an hour.  So, not five whole minutes after I pulled out of the driveway he was taking a crowbar to the floor I had just told him we didn’t want to touch.  Not just “didn’t want to” but “couldn’t afford to“.

The place where he had removed the floor tile andsub-floor left a hole that looked straight down into the basement.  He had to have done it that way so as to force us to renovate the kitchen floor ASAP because it was unsafe otherwise.  Since the day he destroyed the one working bathroom, he had totally ignored everything we told him unless we were agreeing with him.  Example:

You are going to have to replace this bathtub,” he told S one day.

The tub is fine.  Besides, we can’t afford to buy a new tub.”

Okay, whatever.  If you want to keep that gross tub, fine.”

The next day he “had” to move the tub to replace some plumbing (or so his story goes) and while “moving” it with his trusty crowbar, he chipped it up and wrecked the drain hole. 

It was worse than I thought.  You are going to have to replace the tub,” he said ever so blithely.

So really, the kitchen floor thing shouldn’t have surprised me.  And yet it did.  I had overcome a great deal of wimpiness to stand my ground on the kitchen and it didn’t matter one bit.  I took some pictures of his floor work and then went to pick S up from class.

Guess what your dad did while I was driving you to class,” I said as soon as she got in the car.  She guessed a couple of wrong things so I just handed her the camera.  And then she cried.  We had to drive around aimlessly for an hour while she cried it out.  I just kept saying, “But I told him no,” repeatedly.  All the while Mr. S was repeatedly calling our cell phone wanting to know why we weren’t home yet since he had made chicken and it was getting dry.


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