Renovation tale, part 3…


This is the kitchen that Mr. S believed to be unlivable.  Ugly?  Of course.  Unlivable?  Not at all. 

We were able to keep him from destroying the kitchen, but it was quite a struggle.  He’s still convinced that we are going to let him come back here to “deal” with our “god awful” kitchen “problem”.  But no.  We are not.  We are going to do it all by ourselves.

Here’s the plan:  I have already sanded down the cabinets and stained them a lovely honey color.  They are solid wood and in great shape, so it made no sense to tear them out to put in the cheap fiber-board cabinets we could afford.  The doors and drawers will get new hardware.  We’re going to replace the ugly counter with natural stone tiles and the back-splash is probably going to be a sheet of stainless steel.  We’ve picked out a slate floor tile too.  The appliances are in decent shape and we cannot really afford to replace them for a couple of more years.  We’ve already changed out the light fixtures which really did improve the ugliness factor. 

It’s going to take more time than either of us would like.  But it will be fun to do it ourselves and by doing each project as we can afford it, we’ll end up with a kitchen that has everything we really want.  Even if it takes a couple of years…


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