If you didn’t blog, we would have had dinner…

I was going to go grocery shopping yesterday morning.  But then I found a whole new world of Daddy Blogs.  I blame credit The Weirdgirl for this new blogging wormhole.  She has a great since of humor and I couldn’t help but wonder about the people on her blogroll.  If I only I hadn’t clicked the links, I could have filled my pantry and earned more gas reward points ($.10 off per gallon for every $50 bucks spent, wallet saver).  But no, I clicked and then I read. 

Yes, I read the entire archives of the Hygiene Chronicles(starting in April 2005).  Great blog, written by a gay dad in the D.C. area.  From there I ventured into the world of Mr. Big Dubya.  I started wading into the stream of posts of A Family Runs Through It.  But then I snapped myself back to reality long enough to open our mail and clean the kitchen, feeling a need to accomplish some home tasks since I had read away the morning.  After twenty minutes of responsible behavior I totally got sucked into Cynical Dad

I was only going to read for a few minutes so that I could get to the grocery store before I needed to pick S up from work.  Seriously, I thought I could just read a couple of posts and then go back some other day to read more.  But no.  Cynical Dadis the funniest man on the planet.  I laughed so hard that I was crying.  My cheeks started to ache from the laughter and the perpetual grin plastered on my face while going through his archives.  I kept thinking that I should pace myself because I didn’t want the reading experience to end, but no pacing for me.  Next thing I knew, it was time to go get S and I was only up to March 2006 in his archives.  He writes so well that I was tempted to call S to see if she could get a ride home.  Cynical Dad is my new crack.

So, I lived up to the major responsibility of picking S up from work.  When she got in the car she told me about her day and then asked me what I had done.  Crap.  I couldn’t admit that I spent the entire day reading blogs.  That seemed so… so… frivolous.  So I told her about the few chores that I did and talked about the dogs a little, glazed over my blog reading and then let the subject drift off.

What are we having for dinner,” she asked as we pulled into the driveway.

Damn.  “Um, well, I thought that maybe we should go out to eat tonight.  You’ve had a long day and could probably use something fun for dinner.  You pick.”

Cool.  How about Hostile Market?” That would be what we call Boston Market because the employees are hostile and I used to be totally anti Boston Market.  Now I realize that if we are going to eat fast food, Hostile Market at least introduces vegetables into out systems.

As you wish.”  And she will never, ever know that the Daddy Bloggers are the reason we will slowly but surely starve to death.


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