Our dogs…


In a rare moment of rest and peaceful cohabitation…  I now introduce you to Emma (the lab) and Rummy (shep-husky mix).  Emma is 9 years old and was the first big decision S and I made.  She was a crazy, house destroying beast until she turned 6 and started to calm down.  That’s also about the same time we got Rummy (proper name: Rumsfeld Brett Farve) who was/is a wild beast in a whole different way.  Thankfully she doesn’t have the same chewing fetish that Emma had.


2 Responses

  1. Maybe Emma calmed down because you got Rummy to keep her company. 🙂

    Nice looking dogs. I know you love them a lot. Come by my blog and say , “Hi”.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed visiting your blog. You have very cute dogs.

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