The nay-sayer…

The other day I put on a pair of pants and it just seemed to me that the ankle area of the pants was too huge.  So I pegged my pants, just like I used to do in junior high in the 1980’s.  Then I walked into the living room where S was knitting a dog sweater for Emma, our lab who is getting kind of old and seems to always be cold.

Hey, I think I am going to peg my pants from now on,” I announced.

No,” she said without even looking up at me.

Seriously, they aren’t going to be a tight peg, just sort of a casual peg.  I think it looks good.”

No,” again, without even looking at my pants.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with it,” I said in a mild pleading tone.  I really wanted to win this one.


Really?  Because I really think it doesn’t look so bad.”


And then she got up, walked over to me, bent down and un-pegged my pants.


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