The writers’ strike…

Remember when Tom Hanks was a Bosom Buddy?  And somehow he became a Hollywood elder statesman.  He is apparently calling for an end to the writers’ strike so that the Oscars may be spared cancellation.  I don’t know, I think Don Cheadle and George Clooney calling for an end to the genocide in Darfur is a tad more inspiring…  Save the Oscars or save women and children from slaughter?  Tough choices.  And yes, I do think it is a fair “either/or” question. 

I used to consider myself a lover of the popular culture.  I loved movies and television shows more than the average person.  I used to host Oscar viewing parties where everyone would dress up and eat fancy food and there were prizes for the number of correct winner guesses. I was never a Grammy fan or American Music Award watcher.  I don’t really care if the music I like wins awards and besides, Nina Simone is dead and she wouldn’t have won an MTV award anyway.  I used to enjoy watching the Emmys and even the Daytime Emmys.  Then again, I used to like reading the gossip mags to see what the celebs were up to.  Award shows were like gossips mags in 3D.  Not watching award shows anymore is like stopping hitting your thumb with a hammer.  Once you’ve stopped, it feels so good and you wonder why you ever bashed your thumb in the first place.

I don’t have a specific date to identify when I stopped caring about those things.  I still enjoy watching movies and I have a slew of favorite television shows, but I no longer care whether another glamorous celeb wins another trophy.  Wait, I do recall becoming quite bitter when The Sopranos kept kicking the award ass of my favorite show The West Wing.  And while I am sure that the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond is talented, the writers and cast of The Gilmore Girlshad particular brilliance and were always neglected at award shows.  So there, I lost interest because my favorites were ignored and award shows seemed more obviously about rewarding the status quo.  And in the grand scheme of things, watching actors pat each other on the back became less and less interesting when there is so much else going on in the world.

 I do not care if there is ever another movie or television or music award show.  And sadly, I am starting not to care whether or not there is ever another new episode of even my most favorite television shows.  I was really starting to fall in love with Pushing Daisies on ABC.  But I feared every single week that it was too good and would be cancelled because most good/quirky shows get cancelled.  The writers’ strike just brought an early end to it.  And really, other than Pushing Daisies, I can live without watching new episodes of old favorites.  S is counting down the minutes until Lostreturns, but I’m not as excited after seeing the previews.  I absolutely hate “reality” shows so I have adjusted my television viewing over the past two months to where I am mostly watching news, ESPN, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel or HGTV.  The people who churn up the ratings for “reality” shows deserve everything they get. 

I don’t know yet how the writers’ strike is going to effect movie production.  Then again, I’m not convinced anyone actually writes the crappy movies that are being produced in Hollywood.  There must be a super computer in a room where morons movie executives type in words they think people like and then a 90 minute movie script is shot out the other side.  It’s either that or the infamous monkeys with typewriters thing.  S and I don’t go out to the movies anymore (except Harry Potter).  Too expensive.  We do rent movies, typically a year or two after they have been out.  Most movies are worth the $2.99 rental cost but very few are worth the $30 evening out that going to a theatre costs. 

So, Hollywood writers, strike all you want.  Continue the strike until you get every single thing you demand.  And if it means you never write again, I will support you!

Addition:  There is still one facet of celeb culture that I cannot quite give up, laughing at celeb parenting thanks to the delicious blog Mamarazzi.


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