Other blogs and the people who blog them…

I’ve spent the better part of the past two days discovering and reading more blogs.  I seem to be caught up in some sort of Tennessee warp because so many of my current favorites are being written by people in Knoxville and Nashville.  I like that southern drawl in their writing, I guess.  Or it could be that all of my current reading stems from one Tennessee guy, Instapundit.  Through his blog roll I found Katie Allison Granju, who then lead me to Suburban Turmoil and Zygote Daddy (who is in Iowa, not Tennessee).  But then Suburban Turmoil lead me to Busymom and I’m pretty sure she lead me to Domestic Psychology (which is how I lost an entire day yesterday).  I’m not exactly sure which one of these bloggers lead me to the knitting bloggers (Lick My Sticks, to name one) which I started reading for S because she is a wicked good knitter and I like being able to talk about it with her.  Maybe it was Pancake Goddess, but I cannot be sure anymore.

There was a point yesterday afternoon when I got foggy headed and started to believe that all blogs must originate in Tennessee, but then I realized the whole Instapundit chain.  What seems so interesting to me is that I’m reading all of these different people and loving everything about it even though they are people that I probably wouldn’t socialize with in real life (mostly because I am so anti-social) but because they are so different than me.  Most of them are quite politically liberal or trying to live “green” lives or have children (which interests me because I want to have children, but I don’t currently have them) or any number of things that I had no idea I would love reading about.  I have not yet come across another blogger who lives where I live (Ohio) and is a gay conservative political junkie with two dogs and wants to have children.  I’m willing to bet though, if I do find a blog like that, it won’t interest me nearly as much as the green living-attachment parenting-vegan-home schoolers who knit with alpaca yarn blogs.  Go figure…

I spent an hour reading about the school re-zoning brouhaha in Knoxville and I don’t live there or have any dog in the fight, but because it was a subject consuming some woman named Cathy, who happens to be an entertaining writer, I totally got into it.  I spent hours last week reading Zygote Daddy’s blog, being interested in his stories about becoming a dad and then was totally rewarded with the information that he participated in the Iowa Caucus.  There are a couple of people that I have been reading who I really don’t like personality-wise, but I like the way they write and tell stories, and it gets me past the fact that they are annoying people. 

But last night I started feeling guilty, like perhaps I shouldn’t get enjoyment from their words when I find the person writing them so unappealing.  Would those bloggers prefer it if I just moved on, or do they want to be read even by people who don’t like them? 

Comments?  I’m not a big commenter yet.  Actually, this morning is the first time I commented on a blog.  Nothing special to say really, but I did feel some need to add my two cents.  It was kind of odd though.  But also, since I have been reading so many old posts, I wonder if I should bother to comment at all.  Do bloggers want current day comments on something they wrote two or three years ago?  I am not quite down with the blogging etiquette.


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  1. […] new blogger from Ohio has been sucked into our eeeeevil vortex! Muwaaahahahahaha! I’ve spent the better part of the past two days […]

  2. […] new blogger from Ohio has been sucked into our eeeeevil vortex! Muwaaahahahahaha! I’ve spent the better part of the past two days […]

  3. I’ve been looking at blogs from several other states and I contend that Tennessee bloggers are the most talented.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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