What’s new? Nothing…

A Pledge To Go A Year Without Buying Anything New  of course this social movement originated in San Francisco…

There is a part of me that gets the whole “consumption is repulsive” thing after watching my nieces tear threw Christmas gift after Christmas gift shouting “Give me something else to open!”  In the aftermath of my brother’s Christmas living room, there was a part of me that said “too much.”  When S and I could barely fit ourselves and two dogs into our large Chevy Equinox because of all of the Christmas crap, I said “no more.”  When I look around our house and see all of the “things” and the “stuff” (books excluded) I am overwhelmed by our consumerism.  But to the point of vowing not to buy anything new, at all, for a whole year?  Don’t think so…

And let me just say for the record that I love big box stores.  Sure, Mom & Popjoints are pleasing on some shopping levels, when the activity is the shopping and I don’t care how long it takes or how much it costs.  But in general, I like to get in/get out and save money doing it all as quickly as possible.  Wal-Mart allows me to buy everything I need and a new bag of socks in one fail swoop.  I rarely have to try to hit a grocery store, a pharmacy, and automotive store, a pet store and a video store in a days worth of errands.  Everything can be purchased at Wal-Mart (or Target or Home Despot or Lowes or Best Buy or so on and so forth).

But this “nothing new” thing?  Except, the article explains “…aside from a small list of exceptions that includes medicine, underwear and cleaning products. They could buy food without restrictions, including eating out.”  How is it is beneficial to me?  Sure, I might save money, but I might miss out on getting the 40″ high def tv I am trying to talk S into.  It seems kind of hypocritical to me that I have to resist buying anything new but I can go out to eat as much as possible, according to the Compact.  Buying groceries and making ones own food seems like an incredibly down to earth activity.  It seems like it would go hand in hand with not purchasing new crap.

I don’t know.  This seems like one of those smug pledges.  And it seems like something that people will talk about doing (a lot) but rarely keep kosher with. 


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