New Hampshire or Bust…

If I could be anywhere in the world at this very moment, I would be in New Hampshire on a total political vacation.  I thought I was weird for wanting this until yesterday when I read in the Union Leader about a couple from California who had planned out an entire week vacation in New Hampshire to revolve solely around today’s primary.  I don’t know that I could get S into it.  In theory she tries to get interested in my interests, but in practice, I think I could only get her to New Hampshire for the pancakes.  She did watch the GOP debate with me on Sunday, which I thought was very sporting of her.  And she does seem excited about watching the New Hampshire returns tonight, but that still isn’t the level of enthusiasm she would need to muster for a political vacation in the Granite state.

On a somewhat related note, this year I have decided that we shall vote by mail since it is now an option in our state.  It takes some of the romanticism out of my civic duty, but it will get the job done without much hassle.  It is almost always inconvenient for S to vote on whatever appointed voting day it is, and while my schedule is much more flexible (understatement) I miss voting with her.  So, this year we will get to vote together, just at the dining room table, not in our local polling place.  Then again, our primary isn’t until March 4th and all of the “good” candidates will be gone by then.  I really wish we had moved to New Hampshire five years ago when we made our big state move.  If we had, we would be legally married (as of January 1st) and today I would be in my political glory.  Oh well…


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